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  • May, 2019
  • My Favorite Things Fashion Show 2019

    IoW is looking for participants for the annul fashion show, a show with its own unique spin.

    Instead of it being all about designers, this show will be all about the models. Designers create a lot of nice apparel but this show is about the people and what they really like to wear.

    What this means, is people can get all dressed up and show off their favorite outfits. Only two outfits per person allowed.

    The outfit can either be a special one you already have and love, or it can be an outfit by a designer who would like you to model something special.

    An IoW Host will talk about the whole look including outfit and things like hair, shoes, accessories, who made them, etc


    Only space for a limited number of models so speak up early to get a spot in the show.

    A person must attend the show to wear and display the outfit. IoW will try to provide models if ask well in advance of show

    You can select any outfit you really like, but if you have several favorites then you might consider selecting something for summer, or for upcoming events that will be here soon.

    Model and/or designer must submit a notecard with the outfit description to be read by the host.

    To enter, participant select their outfit and submit a notecard describing the whole look including things like hair, shoes, accessories along with who made them by the entry date.

    Date to enter by and submit your notecard is June 1st 2019
    Late entries might be possible but only it there is space available. Judging by last year late entries should not expect to get in.

    The show will be:
    Sat June 8th
    1:00 pm second life time

    You can find examples from the photos taken last year: here.

    Location of the show here.
  • IoW Camp Weekend!

    This coming weekend May17-19- Isle of Wryms Camping weekend! starting friday at 4pm slt will be party with Passion at the camp site! Saturday May 18 first will be Snail races at 10 am slt, followed by a craft class with Snow Scarmon where they will be making Dreamcatchers to take home and remember your time at camp! Then from 2-4 pm slt will be "the wildest wackiest silliest pajamas" contest with Dj RayRay Mumfuzz dj'ing! There are barrels of free pj's for tinies, and dinkies - thanks to Izo. Grand prize is 1000 linden - 3 way split. Then On Sunday we will have fishing with Hammy- unbaited here at the camp. Camp will close at 4 pm slt with a vote for most dedicated camper.... and the winner will get their choice of picking a new dinkie avatar from marketplace! A 400 linden value! In between there will be games and food and fun and time to spend with each other ! Lets make this a big weekend! whooohoo
  • April, 2019
  • Easter Bunny Home Build Contest

    Feel like making Easter Bunny at home? Join our build contest and make it! You can pick up all the details here. First place winner get $L500, second place winner gets $L300 and third place winner gets L$200. Popular vote wins a trophy. Winners announced April 21.
  • Easter Egg Hunt!

    Look for Easter eggs filled with lindens and prezzies from April 14 - 21. Eggs will be hidden in Limbo Village, Limbo Park and Cathedral. You can grab the notecard in SL here.
  • March, 2019
  • IoW Build Contest Starts March 31st

    IoW's Cherry Blossom Build Contest starts March 31st. Here are the contest rules:

    The theme for this contest is: Spring / Japanese culture

    50 prims max. Must fit in 5x5x5 area, a bit of overhang is ok

    Entries due no later than noon SL time on Sunday 4/7/19

    Place your entries in one of the display boxes at the build area.

    First , second, and third place winners will receive a micro drake avatar and a trophy.

    Judging will be 4/7/19
  • IoW Cherry Blossom Festival

    IoW's Cherry Blossom Festival will run from March 31 - April 7. The Festival will include koi pond fishing, a temporarily relocated Tiny Wood Squares, an Asian themed build contest and an awesome party with DJ RayRay. Join us for fun under the cherry blossoms.
  • Helping Paws For Kath and Ryu

    Ryu has had a quite lengthy hospital stay and Helping Paws is doing what it does best. Join DJ RayRay while he spins Big Band tunes for you while we raise $L to help out.
  • February, 2019
  • Silly Sundays at IoW!

    Join DJ Rora every Sunday for Silly Sundays at IoW! Can we say, fun, fun, FUN?!!!
  • Helping Paws Fundraiser and Art Gallery Opening

    Join us for this Egyptian-themed event.
  • Isle of Wyrms Valentine's Day Party

    Join us from in Limbo Village from 4-6 PM as DJ Ing rocks tunes and spins trivia. Will you the winner of Best in Chocolate?
  • Isle of Wyrms Chocolate Hunt

    Join us for lots of fun hunting sweet chocolate covered strawberries and collecting prizes for each one!
  • December, 2018
  • IoW Pre-New Years Eve Party

    Join us from 1-3 PM on December 29th for a Pre-New Years Eve Party. We've got Nivor the singing chicken lined up from 1-2 followed by one of IoW's awesome DJ's. We'll be announcing the Christmas build contest winners and closing the night with some amazing fireworks. Join the party here!!
  • IoW Winterfest Holiday Build Contest - Home for the Holiday

    You are invited to decorate a small house in a holiday theme

    To enter go at the contest area and get your house by buying one for 0L$.

    You are free to use the textures and decorations of your choice.

    You are allowed some flexible in land-impact but try not to go over 50

    Voting will be based on both appearance and originality of decorations of your build.

    Most of all have fun with your decorations and let your imagination flow.

    The contest runs from Dec 14th to Dec 20th.

    Voting is open Dec 21th through 3:00 on Dec 22nd.

    The winners will be announced at the Winterfest party that starts at 2:00 pm Dec 22nd.

    1,000 for the winner, 500 for 2nd, place, 250 for 3rd place.

  • 2018 Winterfest

    Join us for lots of wintery fun! You can find the party here.
  • November, 2018
  • IoW Yard Sale

    Hey everybody Wootmas is coming! yay! We will having a yard sale to help benefit our beloved Isle of Wyrms. So gather together all that good stuff you have built, drawn, or transferable items from your inventory! Let's make this happen and show our love for Isle of Wryms! we can all do this! the If you need info contact either Amelie Hold (dj passion) or Izo Ryba. You can visit the yard sale location here.

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